Thursday, 14 April 2011


One pot free-range roasted chicken   

What to eat when there's no time to cook, but the craving for good old-fashioned soul food is stirring deep inside your belly?
Grab a family sized  free-range chicken  to fill your roasting dish,  throw in some of  your pantry basics-  onions wedges, baby potatoes and whole chunky carrots, top with a few generous 'glugs' of olive oil, a bit of water and a splash of whatever wine is open, next, a quick foraging amongst your herbs.
I chose majoram, origanum and thyme- I know....I was enjoying the harvesting so much, had to stop myself from throwing in the rest of the herb garden!
Don't forget to season-  crunchy Himalayan salt and ground pepper and if  you have some time to spare, smear a few tablespoons of butter under the skin of the breasts along with some of those herbs, you'll be so pleased you did- yum.
When the smell from the roast has permeated your whole house and is gently wafting  into the garden, throw in a handful or two of baby tomatoes, we have a glut of  the pretty orange baby tomatoes- so sweet and syrupy after 15 minutes of roasting.
A toast to the humble dish of roasted chicken- salute!

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