Sunday, 17 April 2011


 You won't find a more picturesque boot sale


Spent a dreamy morning, rummaging at our local boot sale........ I'm slightly reluctant to tell you where, already spotted Braam and Giles finishing their shoppping whilst I had only just arrived! But, keep reading, I'm not good with this kind of secret.....
I'm happily a lone-shopper, but today discovered that more than one pair of eyes is advantageous, the three of us came home with quite an eclectic selection-

Most pleased with my gold silk skirt from Italy  and gorgeous retro tablecloth that came with 6 napkins, all for R25

 It's a true boot sale that has been growing steadily over the recent months, in summer you can take a breather under the shady trees to 'take stock' and see exactly how you spent all your money. In winter grab your wellies and stomp your way through the paddocks.

What an expression on the poor little chap!

Love the knitted sailor girl

This particular Saturday there was an equestrian boot sale next door- all that leather, those tweed riding jackets and don't even get me started on the riding boots next door, all I needed was a horse......

If only I had a horse

Just promise to get there after 9 am, so I have a chance at some of those bargains- The SARDA boot sale every 3rd Saturday, Brommersvlei Rd, Constantia - plus, you'll be supporting a great cause.

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  1. I WAS a regular visitor to the SARDA boot sale with my two dogs on leads (plus plastic bags) but after today I will not be going again.

    I parked in the allocated area and walked over with the dogs to the entrance where I was told that dogs were not allowed on the property so I had to leave.

    A number of stall holders always have their dogs with them and I wonder if they are now also unwelcome.


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