Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Lonesome Dave Ferguson and his harp

Friday found us on the roof of the Granddaddy Hotel, crowded between the silver airstreams, swinging and cheering for Dave Ferguson. It was his last performance after many sultry friday nights in this unique setting.  He 'wowed' us! Played 'White girl' tighter and more complex than we've ever heard, with a marathon finish, happily, faan recorded it, we'll upload it soon, so everyone can enjoy.
I heard Dave is off to Italy.......'La Dolce Vita' Dave- we'll miss you.....

Saturday was perfect for an impromptu lunch party- all great friends we hadn't seen in awhile, bless them for  coming at such short notice. We caught the last warming autumn sunshine, ate, drank, played a bit more boules..... I know, but it's such fun and everyone can throw a ball, although on this occasion, Bruce 'out threw' the rest of us! Some stayed until the fires that were lit, were spent...

My boot-sale find- the perfect ice bowl

Sunny yellow roses that blossomed in the natural light

Full table of  good friends
Last men standing!

The rest of the weekend was spent 'lying-low'  with a few books -my bedside table piled high with Ferrero Roche, that the generous Easter bunny brought me... a different kind of  'la dolce vita' .


  1. Thanks Marie! The 'table part' of a lunch/dinner party is the part I love to do- but sadly I usually have to rush it, 'cos the house is still a mess!


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