Wednesday, 11 April 2012

a slight unsettling

I think my 'oomph' is coming back- temporarily lost, I'm not sure where I left it, on the rocks in Mouille point with the realisation that summer has passed without a single swim in the cool ocean.

Perhaps in the poignant book, 'No great mischief' given by Aida, that I've only now picked up- stories of the strong Scots people who sought a fresh life in Canada, settling in the wild and beautiful Cape Breton- thoughts about great grandparents who did the same, my fathers side- all unknown to me.

or maybe my 'oomph' is just feeling a bit battered by the constant politicking and the poverty in this beautiful country.

But we won't go there...

There have been delightful distractions, the lovely sourcerer invited us to dine with her.... I can still taste that sublime carrot salad, she has inspired me to re-open those Moro cookbooks and her home you wonder?

As you can imagine, treasures and beautiful objects everywhere- too many to admire in one visit, we were privileged to see some prints of her pictures- we oohed, aahed and sighed at their beauty, memorising our favourites, an exhibition there has to be- thank you Lily.

We submersed ourselves in  two more delightful movies by our favourite Hayao Miyazaki - watch Ponyo and be swept away by this talent.

But today the sun is shining again and I hear Friday will be 29 degrees- perhaps I'll have that swim after all and for the rest, it'll just take time.


  1. The end of Summer is so melancholic isn't it? Lucky for me ours is just about to begin...and the world goes round!

    1. Quite right Amelia..I've been enjoying all your blossoms and tender buds on your side of the world- new beginnings are beautiful!


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