Thursday, 12 April 2012

Brisket and ... watermelon

Voluptuous rolls of Brisket in the kosher meat section are always beckoning me, but a Mexican recipe in Taste magazine got me quite excited, it combined brisket, watermelon and tequila- Arriba! Arriba!

They deep fry the brisket wrapped in a tortilla which sounds intriguing, but perhaps for another day.

Heat a few tablespoons of butter in your roasting pan- add 2 Tbs coriander seeds, 11/2 Tbs cumin seeds, 1 t origanum, 2 Tbs sweet smoked paprika, pinch of chillies, fry until fragrant, add the brisket and brown, pour on some stock coming half way up the brisket and cover tightly. I did - 10 minutes at 160 degrees and then turned down to 140 in my convection oven and cooked for 4 hours.

You can peek, sadly your big piece of flesh will shrink, don't panic. How to tell when its perfect? Grab a fork and poke, if it gently flakes into the juices, you have a winner. Now for the fun part...

Yep, watermelon and tequila salsa- how perfect is that!

Chop your watermelon, add some tomato juice to moisten, drizzle...or pour, depending on your need- the tequila over, chop some mint leaves into the mix along with some fresh chilli and serve with the brisket.

Since you've opened the bottle....if you're looking for the perfect tequila cocktail to go with your meal- head on over to Marie at  66 square feet.  her cocktails are impossible to resist.

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