Friday, 20 April 2012

all the leaves are falling

A kaleidoscope of leaves fall gently from trees and land picture perfect.

no work this weekend, I think I'll pull on my boots and play in the garden

perhaps find a cosy, warm spot to curl up and read - silly me, it's taken

here kitty, kitty....


  1. OMG winter or any other season for that matter would feel soooo good. It is the same here, day in day out with no variation in temperature ever. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I feel your predicament pigtails, but I'm a temperate weather girl and Cape Town seems to be getting rainier and colder as the years go by.

    Your previous mention of the beautiful Garden heart...sadly this year we're going to miss our annual escape to Keurboomsstrand again * sigh* - going to dig out some old pics..(I need scratch 'n sniff!)...maybe springtime.


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