Thursday, 19 April 2012

lord Sithus

Meet lord Sithus in all his glory-  lord of all he surveys.

The little hacker felt the fish tank lacked drama, we ooh and aah, as he twirls and twists, flaring those magnificent fins, he sees our admiration and basks in it.

Since his arrival there's been tension in the tank, little baby Neon was found belly up in the lego cave, following that, Mrs Guppy was murdered with a short sharp bite to her tiny eye.

No need for Horatio here, I witnessed Mrs Guppy's demise.

We've grown quite fond of the little sociopath and are not without a little sympathy, lord Sithus now has his own tank next door to the other- white sand, drift wood and a tangle of plants, nothing less would do.

I think a bit of Carly Simon quite fitting.....


  1. Hi guys- who would have thought a little fish could have so much character!

    We're off the fish shop this afternoon to replace Mrs Guppy and maybe a few extra neons for some flash- let's hope we don't upset anybody else xx


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