Friday, 13 April 2012

Nicolaas Maritz- Kalk Bay Modern

 Kalk Bay Modern is currently hosting a new Nicolaas Maritz exhibition- 'Lucky Packet Exhibition No.2'

As usual, Cheryl's beautiful gallery is filled with art lovers and friends. The walls adorned by Nicolaas Maritz's vibrant and colourful works, as well as more subdued and muted ones which I enjoyed.

Its hard to resist those delicious smells from Cafe Olympia as we are leaving, but alas the art teacher had a student waiting... I know I'll have dreams of  white bowls full of black mussels in creamy wine sauce with thick chunks of ciabatta poised to sponge up the sauce * sigh*.

Art teacher's drive by on the way there- a view of Marina da Gama, Lakeside

Drive by from Boyes Drive of Muizenberg Beach


  1. The world is small! I know his art very well and his sister hosted our very first baby shower for us some 13 years ago. As for mussels, uhmm yes I live to eat and think we will have to have mussels tomorrow . . .

  2. Please send our greetings to Egon too LOL. Do you know art lecturer Gareth Davies by any chance?

  3. Pigtails!! Wow...very intriguing- did you live here? Tell all..

    We met Egon at one of the Frenchman's (gilles) dinner parties, but we haven't bumped into him since, however I will send your greetins via another friend, Egon went to their Barrydale hotel last week to do a pre-'Afrikaburn' burn of a sculpture, but sadly the fire department stopped it!

    We're still hunting for octopus..

  4. Hey the folks live in the Garden Route, a few family members in CTN etc. We lived up North and that is where we met Egon about 20 years ago - luckily he popped over to the Middle East a few years ago where we met again. I am absolutely crazy about his work and we are also still in contact. I would LOVE to see Africa burn, oh boy we are art starved to be honest . . . Cheers!



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