Monday, 23 April 2012

Moon-baths. pizzas and platters.

fireflies by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu
 I finished Anais Nin's A spy in the house of love this weekend -

                  'At sixteen Sabina took moon-baths, first of all because everyone else took sun-baths, and second, she admitted, because she had been told it was dangerous. The effect of moon-baths, was unknown, but it was intimated that it might be the opposite of the sun's effect.'.

Home made pizza Friday, mine- smoked salmon, pineapple, peppers, bacon and very generous dollops of creme fraiche- I know.. I just can't help myself.
 The art teacher's, as you can see, very manly- ground beef, bacon, peppers, bananas, olives, it smelt seriously good.

Saturday's sky was grey and so were my boot sale purchases, 1956 oval leaf patterned platters and oh so delicate, wispy Spanish air plants- I left quite satisfied.


  1. I haven't read her in years....funny I picked up one of her books in the library yesterday.

    That first picture is smashing indeed.

    xo Jane

  2. Isn't it! This year I'm going look for the fireflies...x

  3. Ooh these both look yummy, except I'm not so sure about the bananas. The fireflies are hipnotic!


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