Monday, 30 April 2012

flowers in the house

It's a 'flowers in the house Monday' party over at our excellent friend Jane's house.

This particular Monday in Cape Town is an extended holiday weekend, 5 days in all, which is also sadly, dark, gloomy, very cold, blowing a gale force wind and not to be outdone, also pouring buckets of rain.

So, feeling like Indiana Jones or is it more like Mcgyver?  I grabbed the secateurs, braved the elements and came in from the garden triumphant........I offer you roses, still with their rain drops, next to the bathroom mirror and dramatic delicious monster leaves for the lounge ( an exceptionally brilliant idea that never occurred to me until I saw that Jane used them for a function in a museum- I think dinosaurs were involved?)

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my god Karen, look at those pictures.

    Triumphant flowers in the house.

    Hope your weather improves.

    The sun just popped out here. trying to compete with that rose....

    xo Jane

  2. A five day weekend sounds like a dream, gale force winds during it don't. Thank you for braving the elements to bring in that very beautiful rose. I love great big leaves in vases and those are perfect in front of that painting.

  3. So, it must be Fall in S. Africa. I'm loving that painting too! beautiful roses... we could use some more rain in New England.

  4. Hi friends-

    Unfortunately we seem to have skipped autumn and gone straight to a wet and chilly winter, but not really that cold compared to what you guys get.

    Art teacher will be very please you like his painting- thank you!


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