Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Waldorf Constantia evening market

Sultry summer evenings on last Friday of every month, there's only one place to be - Constantia Waldorf Evening Market.

Grab the kids, a picnic blanket and some wine, actually grab a few bottles extra as the market doesn't sell and you're sure to make plenty of new friends with a bottle to share.

Don't worry about food, you can smell the curries as you approach and there is just about anything else you can imagine, from sushi to stir-fries.

I've got a soft spot for the desserts, so we settled on these scrumptious lemon meringue pies and some rocky road chocolate brownies with melted marshmallows..I know.......YUM!

My school friend Susan, has a fabulously successful stall, Pink Pincushion unique designer handbags, she makes these beautiful handbags, special fabrics, attention to detail and her equally talented daughter makes the gorgeous little creatures you see below- so perfect for little hands.......I need a baby to buy one for?

More cuddly creatures from another stall.......irresistible..

As the sunsets, your tummy full, you can lie back and listen to the live music....or get up and dance, nobody will mind- only nice people here.


  1. Hi I love the Waldorf markets BUT when is the next evening market?

  2. Hi there- I know...we have to wait till the last Friday in January to enjoy the next one- see you there!


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