Thursday, 17 November 2011

Please let me roll in the sweet peas

It's my crazy time and I rarely get a peek out of the kitchen.... up to my ears in canapes, lunches and dinners.

It's all good, as the coffers will be replenished for Christmas, 

But when its this busy,

I like to imagine myself languidly rolling in those fragrant sweet peas and having a carefree nap amongst the daisies, poppies and the butterflies....

 Does it help, you ask?............Nope.


  1. the smell of sweet peas... one of my all time best smells in the world. hmmmmm

  2. Love the pictures and can almost smell the scent of those sweet peas.

  3. Are those at the farm, Karen? If they are I must send my mom. She and I grew sweet peas long, long ago in the Free State.

  4. Stunning stunning stunning. After me impatiently watching it develop, our white climbing sweet pea opened her first flower yesterday. Beautifully scented. It was picked immediately!

  5. Oh no....sorry everyone, my comments have been disappearing lately??? both of them- on different days??

    Firstly, I invited you all to come roll with me in those sweet peas!

    Secondly, for Marie, Sillery had sweet peas a few weeks back, these are on the property.

    Rosie, I know how you feel, I've been keeping ours for show and picking from the huge wild patch on the property for inside the house- heaven....but I think if I don't pick they might make peas too quickly?!


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