Monday, 7 November 2011

Ambeloui private cellar in Hout Bay

What compels a hundred or so people including myself to leave a warm bed all blurry eyed and in desperate need of caffeine and then stand in a queue in the rain?

No........ not shoes...... pretty bottles of champagne of course!

Not just any champagne, we're talking sparkling nectar of the gods here- Ambeloui  made in the true champagne tradition- Methode Cap Classique. Our jet- setting eldest thought last years batch fabulous and declared it equal to the best she's had in France.

It was my second year at the cellar sale, usually held on the first Saturday in November and my bottles are treasured, it goes something like this- one for Christmas, one for my birthday, two for the eldest's visit, one for a gift and one for when I win the lotto or in case of extreme emergency, unfortunately its usually the latter.

Don't let me put you off with the once a year queuing-  its not all hardship, we are nourished with freshly baked, warm spanakopita and champagne glasses that are replenished, the charismatic owner and his lovely wife chat, tell us stories and impart information, ( no champagne glasses in the dishwasher, the rinse aid affects the bubbles)  by the time we reach the pay point, we're one big happy and slightly tipsy family.

I have no idea what these do, but I want one- like big shiny espresso machines

Don't you love the logo

It's a family affair, on sale day there are children (after whom the vintages are named) sons, daughters and girlfriends- all hands on deck and you know what.......I think it could be their secret ingredient-  all heart.

St Nicolas guarding the cellar and its secrets

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  1. Lyk baie mooi, though I wish they'd plant some indigenous lovelies rather than the old day in day out lavender and Icebergs. Says the woman who owns an Iceberg. Ja nee.

    Small point of order. Champagne comes from Champagne, in France. All other bubblies - even French - are sparkling wines :-)


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