Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Saturday night in Plumstead

Lower those eyebrows and stop laughing! What made us cross the main road?

Dave Ferguson - back home for a whirlwind of gigs including one at The Jolly Roger . 

Always game for something different, I decided that if we were going to do Plumstead, then we should do it properly and booked dinner across the road at Pirates steakhouse.

Guess what, the place was packed, seating 110 pax, they are doing something right.
Turned out to be the best steak that the art teacher has had in a long time, tender, juicy, tasty and served the old fashioned way with spinach and butternut, at old fashioned prices.
Love that they support local musicians with live music every night.

Over the road and up the stairs to The Jolly Roger..... you're wondering about this strange nautical theme happening in Plumstead Main road- me too.

The pub was also hosting an impressive exhibition by The body architects tattoo studio.
There was an eclectic crowd waiting, Plumstead locals, rockabilly's, the beautiful tattooed and Dave Ferguson followers.
By 10 pm, it was packed and the wooden floors were jumping.
Drinks at great prices, check out their facebook page, they have a rocking line up of live music.

lovely lady at whose table we sat- her tattoo says- Freedom, tolerance, respect

The Plumstead the new Woodstock? I think we might be onto something here.

Heads up-  Dave Ferguson is playing at our favourite Hotel  The Barrydale Karoo Hotel first weekend in December and they are following that with a New Years celebration of note, Them Tornados- you know where you need to be this December!

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