Monday, 14 November 2011

A funk party in Paternoster

The tourist brochure describes Paternoster as a quiet little seaside village discouraging noise after 10 pm........well, that's all out the window- the boat builders have arrived in style with a birthday and house warming bash that continued till dawn.

You can believe me when I say it is the best house in Paternoster- it sits by itself nestled between the rocks with the tranquil sea below, desirably private, the only houses are ones behind them, the view to the right....

and the view to the left...........

Did I hear you sigh?  You're not alone, there were deep sighs of envy from the guests for at least the first hour as we watched the sun set and the full moon rise.

Then the band began to play, see that unassuming drummer- turns out when he opens his mouth he resurrects James Brown - Hallelujah!

A touching speech by one of the fabulous daughters- she quoted from The little prince, remember the story about the Boa constrictor and the animal, he draws the boa constrictor first from the outside, then from the inside.....and the adults couldn't see it.

We ate succulent spit- braaied lamb with fluffy pitas, the table was a tempting array of toppings, danish feta, baby tomatoes with olives, aubergine puree, tatziki, leafy greens and much more.... 

We danced the night away, I had to eventually take off those Louboutins, I was wearing them thin.... a brave soul dived into the pool- no names, but she does a perfect hand stand and has some moves that would have made Esther Williams proud.

As we drove out very slowly on Sunday morning, the Harley Davidson crews were roaring into town.........see, news travels fast.


  1. My world seems very pale in comparison.....

    I'm coming over with Marie. I need to experience this in person.

    xo jane


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