Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Spooky flowers

I'm sneaking into the party at the last minute- you'd swear I was 6 hours behind instead of ahead.....our blogger friend Jane over at small but charming is hosting a Halloween 'flowers in the house' party.

Pop along for some spooky thrills and some gorgeously dark and  scary flower arrangements.

Inside I went for vividly orange pin cushion proteas and outside the spidery, willowy wild garlic flowers to ward off those vampires!

We've long finished this side of the world, all the sweets are gone, the candles blown out, the spider webs can wait a few days- my witches hat hung up until next year....don't mention the broom, we had a nasty accident last Sunday  that ended in 4 stitches- housekeepers beware!

The kids looked delightfully scary- fake and real stitches included, you're looking at the Grim reaper and a modern day Red riding hood- wolves beware.

The house was even scarier thanks to Sunday's languid lunch party under the big tree- have a look at the art teachers photo to see how BIG that glorious Pin oak actually is-  the tippy-top was unable to fit in the frame.

Now back to work and keep me away from those sweets.........


  1. It's never too late to swoop by and scare us with a protea or two.

    Garlic, perfect, stitches even better, but you had me at " languid lunch".

    xo Jane

  2. Thanks for always hosting the party Jane- next languid lunch, we'll drink to you! x


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