Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sillery flower farm

I've been buying flowers from Sillery farm for the past 18 years, ever since the kids were next door at the Waldorf  kindergarten (the kindergarten children still visit, to see the gigantic chickens)

 They sell the romantic, old fashioned flowers- sweet peas with fragrance, delicate poppies, stocks, pretty purple violets and lots more, all for a very good price.

The fields, as you can see are freshly planted with the summer flowers, but the happy poppies are in abundance.

If we're energetic, we walk from our house, down Constantai road, right into Pagasvlei and take the short cut through Brounger way - how gorgeous is this lane....looks good for a game of boules?

Whenever we walk down this lane, I stand on tippy toes to peek at this gorgeous old Corrugated iron cottage- Oh, the possibilities....

The other bunch of flowers I bought to brighten my spirit, whilst I toiled away at work this week.

The greenbelt between Constantia road and Brounger way, there is a weeping willow of note next to the stream- well come again in spring to show you. Picture perfect!


  1. How far is this farm from from you? It seems so rural.

  2. Karen, in all my years in Constantia I never went into Sillery. What is wrong with that? I will send this post to my mom. Maybe she'll buy flowers here too. More fun than Woollies.

    Violets? That must be quite soon...

  3. Hi Marie and Rachelle- sorry for late reply..working weekend!
    Rachelle its an easy 20 min walk, where we stay in Constantia used to be farmland,there are still pockets- now mostly vineyards.
    We are a few minutes away from one of the oldest wine farms Groot Constania- will post some pics- its very beautiful!

    Marie- I'm just thinking now that I've always called it Sillery (someone told me) but you might know it as something else? its the one behind Waldorf and next to Peddlars, its grown quite a lot over the years- but the same lovely old family working it!

  4. Please can you give contact details for Sillery flower farm. I am currently sourcing flowers for a friends wedding and would be great to get in touch with them.


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