Monday, 29 August 2011

Scones for breakfast

Oh, the crumbly comfort of freshly baked scones, melting butter, a gentle 'smothering' of jam and a dollop of fluffy cream-  such perfect harmony.

Add fresh strawberries and its the perfect breakfast, especially if you consumed far too much bubbly at your high school reunion the previous night....I know.... but more about that later.

Or if you have a mouth full of freshly cemented braces, sensitive to everything, but the softest of foods- poor baby!

For such things as scone recipes, I refer to the generations of women before me and consult the trusted old  'Housewives league' cookbook or anybody's grandmothers recipe will do.

Two tricks however, your oven must be hot and handle the mixture quickly-  no fondling the dough- quick pat down, cut and in the oven.

Add a good strong latte and that thumping in your head will be gone........

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