Friday, 26 August 2011

Menu magazine- best food in Cape Town

I've been paging through the scintillating new 'MENU' magazine that the 'Toffie Culture' people kindly put together and I'm riveted.....167 of the best dishes in Cape Town.....

There are some unexpected places- best Lasagne, the Hildebrand, and some I expected- best pork belly, Bizerca and some places I haven't thought of in years- the Fireman's arms, Sloppy sam's and Dias tavern, they all featured at least twice and I'm a pub kind of girl.

Menu is packaged with the latest Taste magazine and to add immensely to your pleasure, Brandon Edmonds has written a few articles in his inimitable edgy style and the photography..... well its Paul Ward.

So much good food....where to start?

The Toffie Food Festival is on at the City Hall Sept 3 & 4 - see you there on Sunday?


  1. Sloppy Sams still EXISTS???? I tried their website but it is too annoying. How the hell do you get it load with normal SA connection speeds? Is it still in Sea Point? I was a teenager in an off the shoulder white dress when an old Greek lavished red roses on me there one night while I dined with my parents. Then we threw plates. Hard to forget. But I thought it died. Have you been to Diaz Taverna recently?

  2. That is such a beautiful picture Marie- you probably broke that poor old mans heart!

    I know...yep it does...I'm slightly ashamed that I've forgotten about all these places, we were in the area of the Diaz about 2 months ago and thought we'd give it a try and couldn't believe that it was full and not just normally full, but completely overflowing with people...something must taste very good there.

    But first we're going to try Sloppy Sams, they are listed for best lamb's liver, pan fried with onions and best lamb ribs (although R80 for lamb liver sounds a little steep?)

    Will keep you posted......

    PS- so glad you plantjies survived


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