Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Class of '81

Wynberg's impressive hall foyer, steeped in history

Please don't do the maths, I'll just own it- it been 30 years since we were in matric, that makes us 47 years old give or take 1 year..... we'll be taking that year.

We're scattered across the globe, England, Canada, America, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand etc and scattered across the suburbs from north to south, despite this about 35 ladies managed to attend our reunion at Wynberg Girls High.

Never noticed the beautiful detail in the hall foyers stairs

What can I say? We all know about High school reunions- its a sharp, swift kick in the teeth and it screams the question, 'What have I done with the last 30 years?'

We've all lived 30 years more for better or worse. Success? It's having lived a happy life.

and the most liberating realisation about those questions ....are we older or poorer, less successful or more, than our peers?

Well, after all these years, the resounding answer from the class of '81 would be -     

Quite frankly, my dear, we don't give a damn.

Honour before honours


  1. Now that's the spirit!

  2. Haahaa- I think it's wonderful that the older we get the more we value the 'real' things like friendship :)


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