Thursday, 28 February 2013

Maynardville Carnival

It's the time of the year for harings, rollmops, shots of genever and piping hot bitterballen dipped in mustard- yippee!

Tensions were high this year, as on Wednesday the precious harings were still sitting with customs, but don't worry, they thankfully arrived yesterday.

We found a few bargains in Petticoat lane, the kids did the bumper cars last night, the art teacher has his eye on a juicy shwarma from the larger than life Cairo man.

Finish the evening with a grappa and an espresso from the Italian tent - goes perfectly with a crispy, sugar dusted rosenkuchen.......can you feel my satisfaction?


  1. I just had a tremendous amount of fun reading and looking at this post...not as much as you though.

    1. Amelia- you would have loved it!

      Tried to go back to day to get take-aways, but there were so many people I couldn't even find parking- so settled for sushi :)


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