Monday, 25 February 2013

Earth Fair Food Market

In search of oysters we visited the Earth Fair Food Market  in Retreat on a Wednesday evening, I hadn't been for about a year and it was all grown up.

Free hugs were offered at the door- having gladly accepted mine, I was propelled towards the bar, where I gratefully accepted a large glass of Chenin Blanc at a very good far so good.

We found our Saldanha oysters- freshly shucked and tasting of the sea- yum!

Lots more places to sit and enjoy the food, both inside and out.

We'll be back soon, there are some Portugese chicken livers calling my name.


  1. Oooh Portugese chicken livers? Must admit, I don't know what they are but since I adore chicken livers and Portuguese food I'm drooling here.

    1. Same with me Amelia- anything Portuguese has me wanting more!

  2. This makes my heart glad.

    I would not have liked the hugs, though. The Calvinist is still strong in me.


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