Sunday, 10 February 2013

High tea at the the Vineyard

The Romania beauty celebrated her birthday in style on the terrace of the Vineyard Hotel,

200 years old and originally the country home of Lady Anne Barnard

Tiers of treats arrived, silver pots for tea with teabags made from silk,

The terrace is full on a Sunday, a long lunch tables under the big tree, children appearing like nymphs from the lush garden, toweled guests strolling across the lawn to the pool.

A couple of hours later.....deliciously languid and in need of exercise we followed the cobbled paths into the shady garden- there were bridges to cross and ponds with stepping stones to negotiate.

I loved the continual flow of people, towards late afternoon some arrived for just tea and scones, others to enjoy the solace of the garden with a glass of a wine.


  1. What a stunningly beautiful place. I can't stop staring at the bouganvillea, I love it so yet can't have it here. Everything else is also breathtaking, I'm smiling. You can steal any recipe you like and I feel honored if you do since you are such a great cook---and the tourism minister for Capetown :)

  2. OMG even as terrible a flier as myself would take any number of xanax to get to such a heavenly spot.

    So there is a heaven on earth.....

    xo Jane


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