Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Infecting the City

In the silence 20 000 glow sticks tumbled down the steps of SANG, a small child squealed with such joyful abandon, her delight infected us.

Prior to 'Erosion' we watched a dance installation called JINX 103 in the amphitheater in front of the museum.

Afterward the crowd followed the 'grey lit man' down the avenue through Company gardens to the next art installation in Adderley street.

It's all part of a wonderful initiative called 'Infecting the City' bringing all forms of art into the city of Cape Town- on every day until the 16th March.

Drive by- drive home


  1. Unbelievable. All we have here is the sequester!


    xo Jane

  2. Oh those joy sticks are such a ...well joy! What a wonderful picture. Was that their exhibit it was it an accident? Either way, a joy!


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