Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas is my Kryptonite

This is how I started last week- all good intentions and serenity, can you feel it?

what about now...........

Brisk walks through 'long shadowed' vineyards (of course, I'm anticipating those Ferrero Roche boxes under the tree), meditative cleaning of our little pool, energetic games of bat and ball with the kids (now anticipating those melt in the mouth mince pies), a serene evening decorating the tree with Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, decoration memories and great wine.

And then Whammo- it all went out the door, faster than torn wrapping paper on boxing day.

My kryptonite found me and yes......it's Christmas.

What ensued was a 'panic' of shopping, small catering favours taking too much time, hours searching for parking and long queues at the tills- my sanity strained, my serenity gone and blogland a distant memory.

But come Christmas eve, when my family and friends gather, it's all a distant memory and I wouldn't change it for all the Ferrero Roche in the world.

Roses sent from our Eldest with Xmas eve greetings- we missed you!

The most delicious Sarmale made by the beautiful Romanian- now a Christmas tradtion with drinks, not forgetting her much anticipated Romanian potato salad, perfect counterpart to the rich meats. 
Buttery rich divine Christmas cookies made by my sisters talented Chef boyfriend- I've had one for breakfast every day

May your Christmas season be blessed, safe, stress free and filled with family and friends.



  1. And it all looks stunning, Karen. Love, LOVE your ice bucket.

  2. Christmas with a beautiful garden filled with roses just out the dining room door is so peculiar for me, but your home is so beautifully and elegantly decorated! Happy Holidays!

  3. It looks like a scene from a fairytale.

    Unfortunately beauty is never achieved without paying a price...

    but it all looks worth it!

    xo Jane

  4. Thanks Marie, those ice bucket/wine coolers are so expensive, I've been searching for a year and found this one at PEP stores!!! Shhh....don't tell anyone.
    Rachelle, thanks so much- it rarely looks that tidy with kids around!! Happy Holidays to you too.
    Hi Jane, its the fairy lights, I have a serious weakness for them and string them outside wherever they can reach...they bring out the child in me ;)


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