Sunday, 1 January 2012

Skeleton Gorge and Jelly legs

Stunning skeleton gorge

You'll be forgiven for thinking that jelly legs refers to me after I ate all the Christmas trifle..

But we're talking Skeleton Gorge...and yes, I would think the name says it all.

How did this happen, you ask?

Our middle princess needed to do an 'endurance' for school before the year was out and so, duly dragged her brother from his Xbox and her mother from the trifle.

A 9 am start- a challenge in itself  during the holidays, the backpack stocked and with a very slight spring in our steps, up we went.

 and then up some more......steps as far as the eye can see and around every corner, and then more steps, waterfall steps, ladder steps and stone steps......hell, I'm still stepping in my sleep.

you think that was steep going up- try coming down again

I am pleased to report that about an 1 hour into all this stepping,  either the endorphins or the jelly beans kicked in and we emerged, sprightly and euphorically at the top 2 1/2 hours later.

we still managed to gasp at the view with what little breath we had left

the reservoir on top of the mountain with strange white sand and eerie tree stumps

You've probably guessed that I'm now starting the New Year with aching calves and knees and will be avoiding steps at all costs for the next week at least.

Was it worth the pain? Every ache....

Stunning Kirstenbosch and the start of our hike

May your year be filled with the beauty of Nature.

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  1. Incredible scenery, almost primordial. I don't think I've seen anything that can compare, except for the "strange" white sand. Many of our lake here are known for this same strange white sand, but the rest!!! Thanks for sharing!


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