Thursday, 8 December 2011

Michaelis Graduate Exhibition

Michaelis prize winners work-  Ashley Walters
The largest exhibition of the year and a perfect end to the art year is the Michaelis Graduate Exhibition, a few hundred shy of a thousand art lovers and students turn out to wander the beautiful Hiddingh Campus- Oh, if these walls could talk......

A small sample of what caught my eye...... the campus is open daily from 10 am, so if you missed the opening be sure to catch the exhibition before the end of the year, and grab a map, you don't want to miss any rooms- there are some hidden gems.

see what I mean.....look at this beautiful hall

love the attitude!

drive by- drive home


  1. Thanks for the reminder to get there!

  2. Can you please tell me what Hall that is & where in Cape town?

  3. Hi there- it's on the Michaelis campus which is opposite the Labia Theatre in Orange Street, Cape Town- sorry can't remember the Hall's name but you'll see it in front of you to the left after you enter the boom gates- it's quite beautiful!


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