Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Perfect festive summer dessert

Chewy, creamy, crispy, sweet, tart- she must have been something that Anna Pavlova.

A pavlova makes people happy, it creates a celebration and is the perfect dinner party distraction- was the Beef really overcooked?

Throw everything you have at it- strawberries, blackberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, if it looked like a berry I tossed it in, along with 2 tubs of cream and to finish it off, I whizzed up a strawberry coulis and poured it felt good.

Before I got the knack, I threw away at least eight. Eventually you get a feel for when the beaten whites are just right to add the sugar and then to add the sugar just slowly enough to make magic, and then the treachery of the oven.......I do 10 minutes 160, then 1 hour 140- then switch off and leave in oven- Do not peek!!!

When you can't stand it anymore open the oven, if its good, pour yourself a drink, if it's a flop, grab the bottle you have a long night ahead...


  1. I made one once. It was magic. Apparently that was luck.

    I shall not try it again:)

    xo Jane

  2. As they say Jane, some people have it...and others just have to keep trying!
    I see a great pavlova future for you :) x

  3. Karen - wat is jou eposadress?

    marieyviljoen at gmail com


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