Monday, 21 May 2012

New Hout Bay Market revisited

It's almost a year since the Bay Harbour Market opened its doors and I peeked in on that first Saturday.

Friday evening was perfect for a revisit, the cars were still parked most of the way up the road and throngs of happy families were strolling towards the light and the warmth.

The warmth is quite literal, a huge hearth to warm the benches with an equally large stack of tree stumps to feed it and if the fire isn't enough to warm you, there is plenty to drink from the bar.

Lots more stalls to splurge on, clothes, antique jewellery, curios and home ware, not forgetting the food- glorious food- loved the look of the bunny chow, the Tunisian's schwarma and lamb curry looked and smelt scrumptious, but thought the oysters at R20 each were a bit pricey, so sadly declined.

A hypnotic reggae beat in the background, smiling friendly faces, tinkling of glasses, appetizing smells and little people safely whizzing around on wooden scooters- it's a bit like a home party.

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