Thursday, 24 May 2012

Diaz, Kimberley hotel, Dave and Them tornados

Bright city lights- not our Cape Town, not this part of town,

Like someone who has seen it all, subtle and forgiving, dark corners accepted and secrets a given.

Dinner at the Diaz with the renaissance couple- (remember the cool Barrydale hotel)- great start to the evening, this time overflowing, see it quieter here, exuberant party table in the centre, a Stormers win on the telly and Trinchado to die for.

Not forgetting an unlikely trio in the corner that belted out a kick-ass 'Walk the line' - then we were off to hear Dave Ferguson's familiar version at the Kimberley Hotel.

The end of Dave's whirlwind visit and as always a roof-raising send off.

We arrived to the great sound of Long time Citizen, then the balcony cleared to hear Dave, sadly only a glimpse of his head- but we've seen him plenty.

Somehow missed Wind up Wanda- too much balcony time. Them Tornados arrived with a flourish, the art teacher standing on the couch for a pic by this stage.

A gorgeous wee bit of a lass joined them for a few songs-  no mistaking the chemistry with the front man, but perhaps a trio is best for a while longer.

A very satisfied drive by- drive home


  1. Looks like a rousing good time. Again I say, they should make you the tourist minister...we are seriously moving Cape Town up the list.

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