Monday, 7 May 2012


 'God of the bushmen'- In Khoi mythology, the praying mantis is thought to be a manifestation of God.

I can see why, ferocious and brave whilst their stillness gives them an eerie Zen- like quality.

We each have one at the moment, the art teacher's is in his studio and mine is meditating in the bathroom- poor thing, he has a lot on his mind, mirrors are confusing things.

We'd rather they were outside feasting on aphids, but I suspect my lack of good housekeeping has lured them inside.

I just hope they don't find each other....riveting reading this morning- some controversy as to whether the female devours the male's head first in order to make for more rigorous mating, oh, and it seems that the males not eaten whilst mating were clever enough to avoid the hungry females- enough said!


  1. Replies
    1. I hope so Marsha- wish the little chap would leave some lotto numbers written on the steamy bathroom mirror!

  2. So for male mantises, if you are a dumb f..., you loose your head over sex? Worth pondering, perhaps the Hottnotsgot were on to something there.

    1. hahaa Rachelle, you gave us a good laugh- You're very quick and witty so early in the morning!


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