Thursday, 12 January 2012

Outside Rooms of Wonder

My very first blog in March last year was Rooms of Wonder, our friend Braam and his lovely business partner Zaan, had opened a new prop warehouse- propellerprops, and the collection of treasures inside just had to be shared.

Braam is still moving his collection into the warehouse and estimates that if he moves a bakkie load a day for the next 3 years he'll complete the move ( its true! ), totally understandable as he's been collecting for more years than I've known him and that's close on 30 years now.

Art is at work here-  not just the objects themselves, although some are astoundingly unique, it's the arrangement and grouping of  these treasures and the aesthetic created, that leaves you mesmerized.

Find a few of the cosy hidden seating spots outside - everything has a story.

First batch of pictures below and more to follow tomorrow... I have to show you all the corners!

In a few months all the plants will be moved in, the art teacher puts its well, Braam is a 'secret gardener'.

Grab a cup of coffee or a drink and enjoy the show.......

1 comment:

  1. You have captured Braam's space so beautifully - somehow in the single frames one gets a better opportunity to appreciate this stunning work of art!! Dawn


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