Friday, 3 February 2012

I knew a Lady

picture by Riaan de Villiers

So many memories......

Carefree sunset picnic suppers at the boathouse in Three anchor bay, the click- clack of the backgammon board.

Beautiful dinner parties, breakfasts and excellent coffee- carefully collected crockery, cutlery and linen from another time- so exquisitely beautiful, such attention to detail.

Hysterical cooking lessons from Manuel's mother next door- she taught us how to make a Spanish omelette without knowing one word of English.

Cookbooks and so many recipes, only the most authentic, Marcelle Hazan, Elizabeth Davids

Exotic spices and seeds smuggled back from distant markets- wow, that Asafetida was stinky.

Magical evenings at Maynardville-  herrings, genefer, so many bitterballen and always finishing with coffee at the Italian tent.

Holding a space for me in the long early morning queue - shared giggles at the voiced indignation of our neighbours- you knew your wine.

Precious tickets to fashion week, your style unique and your taste impeccable.

So many parties, thoughtful gifts and a real interest in the children.

Never an ill word, such grace, a teacher to many, a precious friend and I've heard it said- a demon on a motorbike.

Aida, the turmeric bulb has finally sprouted and is growing into a beautiful plant,

I'm so very sorry you won't be here to see it flower..


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