Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How cute is the new boy on the block

I spotted him on my walk yesterday, clamored through the bushes for a better look- he lifted his head and gazed at me with those big brown eyes- sigh- I was smitten!

I rushed home, confessed to the art teacher, who kindly offered to bring the big lens for a bit of stalking.

That's when things started to heat up, you see he's a bit of a mama's boy still and mama's on the large side, giving us the eye.

Dad was even less impressed, he huffed and puffed and butted his son out the way, either he's had enough of the little upstart or he was getting ready to charge...

Don't worry cutie pie - I'll be back tomorrow.....I know where you live.

safely between mom and dad

Dad sizing us up


  1. What breed is your cute boy? Charolais? I'm thinking, at least momma's head puts me in mind of that. A cutie for sure <=== this from the woman who lives in the land of the Holsteins!

  2. Hi Rachelle- I'm not at all familiar with cows, but if I see the owners one day, I'll definitely ask, they graze on the front slopes of the garden with an 'Heidi in the alps' kind of A frame house in the background- very picturesque and unusual for our suburb that mostly has huge tuscan double storeys!


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