Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Our friend Braam's new prop warehouse, the 'jaw-dropping' wonder of it just has to be shared. Every room, and there's many, filled floor to ceiling with treasures. I could happily loose myself for days, even weeks in these rooms.
Office room
Music room

Toy room- childs delight!

Radios, torches, airplanes, fans....

Wagons of every description

Braam on the deck with all the baskets

As you enter- which way to turn?

The kitchen room- just leave me here!

More of the office room, I think?


  1. Do you have contact details for this amazing place - if its a hiring place - am desperate to find somewhere with great 50's stuff & this looks perfect :)

  2. Hi there! You'll love his warehouse, I've been meaning to go back, as Braam has even more stock now....its really a very special space.
    It's just occurred to me I only have a home number, but will get the warehouse number for you.
    If you are driving from town along Koeberg road through Rugby, it is on the left hand side towards the end of Rugby double storey house(sorry vague directions!)

  3. Braam's cell no 0769265902!


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