Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dinner in the crypt of St Georges

If you know the right people you can have dinner in the crypt of St Georges Cathedral... it was our friends birthday and she takes 'friends in high places' to an entirely higher level.

A long table was set, bubbly in the wine cooler, delicious aromatic cape malay curry and breyani, bowls of homemade spicy chutney and sambals.

The curry was the kind when you taste it, you instinctively know it's perfection comes from the many years of cooking it.

Yes,  I did try my luck....but sadly it's his mother's secret recipe -not even imparted to him.

We did however, convince the charming young man to open the darkened cathedral for a little bit of a midnight wander.

I don't need to tell you how impressive it is, it's all there to marvel, but the small details remained with me, the exquisite memorial plaques and the stories they tell, the old flags waiting disintegration and the beautiful prayer posted on the wall for the flower arrangers.

The Crypt is also a witness and memory centre with an inspiring photographic exhibition 'Glimpsing Hope March for Peace'.

I'd recommend lunch in The Crypt-  just get there before the politicians, both parties are known to lunch there and things are a little tense lately-  then take a leisurely stroll through the company gardens next door.


  1. What a venue! I was going to ask about the chutney, you seemed to know and headed me off! Thank you for your well wishes on my new position. Now that my son has "fledged" from my nest, I find I need something more on my plate. Hopefully, my eyes are not too much bigger than my appetite!

    1. Keep us posted on your progress Rachelle!

  2. How wonderful! For a second there I thought you might be playing us and it was your birthday (the cake) but I scrolled back up to make sure. Oh well happy time anyway.

  3. I know and we used to work together, so we always had to go by our surnames as well- but any reason to celebrate is a happy one!


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