Monday, 26 November 2012

Dave's in town- and better than ever

It's no secret how much we love Lonesome Dave Ferguson's sound, he's home for some gigs- fresh from international fame and hopefully a bit of fortune.

It's been a cruel year, invites to gigs at London pubs with cool names like- Filthy Macnasty's.

He's been home for November and we finally caught up with him at his old Friday haunt- the Granddaddy Hotel Rooftop Trailerpark-  it all seems to come together perfectly there, surrounded by the silver airstreams with the sun setting on Cape Town.

What we didn't expect was the new improved Lonesome Dave.... impossible you say and we thought, but here is a stronger, more confident, chatty, kick-ass Dave with some great new songs- what a treat!

I read that Counting Crows, offered him cash bucks to extend his set-  see what I mean?

Catch him while you still can,  he's playing at  The Table Mountain Blues Summit just after our legendary buddy Piet Botha and the Lyzyrd Kyngs and rumour has it he's playing new year's eve at the very fabulous Barrydale Hotel.

drive by- drive home


  1. Hey...will he be in town next week???

    Would also love to see you. I think your schedule is probably the busiest.

    Where does Dave usually live/work? To think I knew him as a wee lad.

    1. hahaa, he must have been a cute wee lad!

      Will definitely find a gap... and looking to see where he's playing next week, he has only posted gigs till end of month, it's his birthday next week, maybe he's flying home- will keep you posted! x


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