Monday, 3 September 2012

Barend's Maximalism

You leave Barend's latest exhibition with a sense of wonder, a feeling of playfulness and a serious desire to own everything.... well, at least one of each medium.

I restrained myself from burying my face in this beauty below, soft, textured- surely those joyous colours would imbue my very soul.

Barend at play

The metal sculptures, design simplicity and intricacy,  'sailor tattoo' stole my heart, 3 dimensional, shadows titillating.

Stretched knitted pieces, a riot of colours- everywhere Barend's eye for design, colour and style.

Respect for this impressive artist, who filled the gallery space as well as the few hundred people at the opening with wonderful lightness of being.

 Barend de Wet's Maximalism at SMAC in town- see it and spread the joy.

drive by- drive home


  1. Wow!

    The pink and the puce.

    Is the fifth one down metal?

    Thank you for the preview :-)

    1. Wish you were here to actually see them, the fifth one is metal, there were several metal ones, I couldn't choose which to post- all equally fabulous, tuns out our Barend is quite the workaholic! x

  2. #6 with the ribbons of orange at the bottom has stolen my heart.

    xo Jane

    1. and how about # 7 for when Mr Baby comes to visit! x

  3. The metal sculpture! Very nice!

    1. The metal sculptures were definite winner- everyone had a favourite.

      Perfect for an outside wall in the garden.


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