Thursday, 30 August 2012

news from the frontline

We've named him Gert- and meet Sizwe, below- my brother in arms. I can hear the rat-ta-ta-tat of the paintball gun approaching. I'm now familiar with the terms like ' Hold the front line!', ' Flush him out!' they are in constant radio contact and on my speed dial, I have a better understanding of the term guerrilla baboon warfare.

Sizwe and Armstrong are having a quick coffee and muffin in our garden, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the guava tree.

Sizwe explains our trouble in detail, the older alpha male with the collar has recently won his troop back with the help of his marauding son, our untagged trouble maker> The other young male, tagged, is the son of deceased alpha male- I'm good comes of alpha's and their offspring.

It's hard work for Sizwe and his team, 7 days a week, until dark and over great distances- I came across them in hot pursuit on the other side of the mountain chasing Gert back to Tokai forest.

I think they are winning- but until we're sure, doors are still locked and loading catering into the Citroen has more eyes than on a bank cash van- there shall be no catering heists on my watch!


  1. Replies
    1. Marie- I'd love to say- 'Ja-Nee' with nonchalance...

      but it's heeltemal 'Jislaaikit'!!

      Ps- thought of you this evening, went to Barend's exhibition at SMAC in town-


      Will post asap for you to see x

  2. I don't think I could deal with baboons, talk about ape-shit!

  3. You named him? Bad idea, now he's a pet and yet you hired a hit man, some pets can be Cujo.

  4. Things looking up guys- haven't had a visit for 4/5 days! Actually left the door open....


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