Thursday, 13 September 2012

5 rooms- one party

The renaissance man had a birthday, and as is his way, he did it in grand style- it doesn't get more stylish or more grand than 5 rooms restaurant at the Alphen Hotel.

Think 17th century old Cape Dutch manor house, thick walls, huge teak sash windows, then step inside to voluptuous velvets, gilded mirrors and walls adorned with art.

Add to that the echoes of opulent parties past - a heady mix of anticipation with a hint of decadence hangs in the air.

That's my starter above, a sublime mix of salmon, avocado, creme fraiche and caviar- the art teacher's was a delicious potato and leek soup with crispy crouton, simplicity bursting with flavours.

My Asian duck main course had me swooning, I was set on another until our waiter described the duck in such appetising detail that he swayed nearly the whole table- his service was perfection.

We left well past the time when the estate's ghosts roam the grounds, a sobering chill of morning air to greet us and the happy thought that I could drive home instead of gallop on horseback.


  1. My birthday is Tuesday. Can you hook me up?

    I promise to rise to the occasion.

    xo Jane

    1. Jane can't believe your birthday is on Tuesday- so is my daughters!

      So now I know you will definitely rise to the occasion! ;) x


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