Wednesday, 1 August 2012

vineyards and clouds

More pictures of tranquility and serenity - the household's technology turbulence continues with a particularly low blow.

My computer booted up only to reset itself in the safety of 2008, evidently a good year.

To clarify- there is nothing on it.

As I stomp Groot Constantia's vineyards I'll be wondering, is it Mercury's retrograde or perhaps a strangers's curse? More to the point, why am I so bloody close to Mercury, what could I have possibly done to offend and finally- if the tasting cellar is still open, I'm stopping in for a drink.


  1. I'm almost afraid to read your posts for fear of drawing that freaky energy my way.

    Wearing sunglasses.

    May it all be,fixed piece by piece sooner than later.

    And may I heed your words and renew my 3 year insurance coverage with Sears. It ended Monday. We all know it starts with the fridge.....

    xo Jane

    1. Keep those sunglasses on- I think you might be right, we haven't seen anybody since by streak of bad luck started.

      Just waiting for the pendulum to swing now! x

  2. Eek. About to back everything up. Again.

    Your pictures are beautiful. I am very sorry about the machine. Strength.

    And my fridge handle just broke off :/

    1. Thank you Marie- we're enjoying the vineyard walks, at least it warms us up, 12 degrees maximum today!

      Have hot water bottle on my lap and coffee to warm my fingers brrr

      Keep an eye on that fridge x....

  3. Egad, there is something to this, aaaargh. That happened to me last year, lost everything...or so I thought. Took it to a computer store, they took the hard drive and performed a miracle. Now I heed my husband's words...BACK IT UP. Have several drinks in this beautiful place first though.

    1. Amelia- you were spot on with your Mercury retrograde- did some googling and evidently it pertains to all things electric, electronic etc! Must be something in my chart that compounds it-
      Good news- it passes on the 8th! yay x


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