Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tasty bits of pig from frankie fenner

Every girl likes a tantalizing offer every once in awhile, especially when it's from a butcher, this one pinged into my inbox, reading -  ' In your bundle of pig goodness you've got- smoked hock terrine, confit ears and cured cheeks- all for R100'.

It was from Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, remember foodie blogger jamiewho? Well, it's his baby, he sources ethically reared, happy meat, works with like- minded butchers and puts enticing weekly packages together.

I'm still sad I missed the boerewors- good boerewors is impossible to find. But back to my piggy bits- I've never eaten cheeks or ears or have any idea what to do with them, but that's what google is for and it didn't disappoint, well only slightly, as it seems the cheeks are going into my freezer whilst the broad beans grow- the first recipe I found was for 'pig cheeks, chorizo sausage and broad beans' and I can think of nothing better.

The ears... apparently delicious sliced crumbed and fried, I'll have a little taste tomorrow and hopefully some inspiration- any suggestions? I'm all ears?.......sorry couldn't help myself.


  1. Hmmmm, I love me a piggy. I've had cheeks, but at a restaurant so no suggestions since I've never cooked it, the recipe you found sounds fab can't wait for the verdict. Pig ears? Max will attack. The terrine, I'll attack. Lucky girl!

  2. Interesting!

    I like pig cheeks cooked long, long and slow with red wine and rooty vegetables and creamy polenta (or mashed potatoes).

    Cured pig cheeks.

    Long, slow pig cheeks with dried peppers and oranges and salsa verde to drizzle over.

  3. Oh yummy Marie! Two very different ideas, both have me drooling.

    Amelia- sending the ears to Max- had a tentative taste and they taste pretty much as I imagine ears would taste, cartilage and tasteless, so I'll go with the crunchiness and try deep frying .......the terrine was heaven



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