Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pa se kos

As you can see, we're pretty much cooking and eating our way through winter this side. I like to pretend it's absolutely necessary to keep warm under these conditions, but looking out the window, its sunny, with an expected high of 17 degrees C...but very CHILLY .... don't laugh my northern climate friends.

I tried something new for fathers day, still working my way through Luke Dale Robert's pressure cooker recipes (not forgetting that much needed  support group for childhood pressure cooker memories!), I chose the Chinese beef short ribs, after all short ribs scream 'manfood'.

This time I followed the recipe exactly, strong flavours initially but I thought they blended deliciously, the recipe here, but next time I think the guys would prefer a more traditional oven braised version.


  1. Yum nice ingredients going into this, but like Marie I prefer the manly version due to my mortal fear of pressure cookers. I'm going to email you a recipe I think you might pressure, in more ways than one. :)

  2. OK, can't find your email--here's a link: Hope you like.

    1. Sorry Amelia- adding my email address has been on my 'to-do' list!

      Thank you, that jambalaya looks delicious and gosh, I haven't thought about deep crunchy snow for a very long time....I miss it.


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