Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Salads for manne

During the week I was asked to make some salads for a bunch  a scrum of rugby coaches, to go with their braai of course.

A brief survey around the house between the art teacher and the little hacker and I think I had it nailed- men like substance in their salads, think eggs, green beans, any and all cheese, red onions, always tomatoes and definitely croutons.

My first salad ticked a lot of the boxes -  blanched green beans, roasted baby tomatoes, boiled egg slices, shavings of pecorino cheese and red onions.

Who can resist figs when they are in season, so for my second salad I added them to the caramelised and roasted pear slices, creamy blue cheese and more of those red onion slices.

So many juicy mangoes available, my last green salad had to have slices of them, with green peppers, cucumbers, lots of salty feta cheese and crunchy garlic croutons...I see I didn't throw on the red onions but they wouldn't have been amiss if I did.

Lastly a  potato salad, I was thinking gherkins here and decided to up the game with a salsa verde dressing- crushed garlic, capers, gherkins, anchovy fillet, mustard, balsamic, olive oil- lost of parsley, less basil and mint, I was short of time so tossed and whizzed.

I hear they liked.


  1. Yum, great ideas. I especially like the first one because I'm a sucker for anything with an egg on it. I also like what you did with the potato salad. Will try. I'm sure they liked!

    1. Amelia I agree- I've recently decided to re-discover the humble boiled egg- the poor things have gone out of fashion.

  2. Such a good title. There's whole book, there.

    And so true. Vince swears he hates salad, and eats it with lang tande. What he means is he hates leaves (and I love them. We call them bok kos, at No. 9). But even just a sprinkling of grated parmesan turns his leaves into acceptable manfood. But, as you say, the more stuff, the better.

    Now I want a man salad

    1. I like that Marie- bok kos!

      Definitely a cookbook in Manfood, I'm salivating over your taco- oh yum, Fanie is making a mutton curry today, we hardly ever see mutton anymore and it's a far better price than lamb- only problem is I'm starving already after looking at your last few posts! x


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