Monday, 19 March 2012

Hotel balconies and Guest house verandas

Birthday girl

It was our second party spent enjoying the balcony of the Kimberley Hotel in Roeland street- it's a deliciously seedy venue, perfect for your fishnet stockings, and of course throw on the feather boa too.

The old beauty has a second wind, enjoying the hip patronage of the Michaelis students who pack it full on a Friday night.

 Upstairs is the party venue, wrap around balcony, bar area and side room for dancing, complete with pressed ceilings and fireplace- there's so much history in these rooms, that a little decadence seems requisite.

drive by, drive home- pedestrian walkways

Saturday was work attire-  a caterer in fishnets would have definitely made the mother of the bride a little twitchy.

A marquee over the veranda, looking onto the big red polka dot balls that floated in the blue pool, a vintage '50's theme, complete with a sweetie bar in that darling kitchen unit.

Sorry, no pics of  the food, can't you see the shakes in my pics below? - snatched post ceremony canapes and pre plated starters...I was running only on adrenalin, I promise to try a little harder next time.

Perfect venue for a wedding- Constantiawoods Estate


  1. Since discovering your blog through Jane's flower in the house party last month I have been partying vicariously through it (you). You sure have a lot of fun in Cape Town, not to mention how beautiful it looks. Must visit.

  2. Hi Amelia

    So pleased you're partying with us! Think it must be all the sunshine and sea air- you won't be disappointed by Cape Town.


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