Friday, 16 March 2012

The frenchman's party- Oh la la

Finally I get to the highlight of last week.....the frenchman's party, he has turned a respectable age for a gentlemen and he did it in style.

An eclectic collection of fabulous friends and family, the gorgeous daughter served us our meal, marinated fish with spiced rice and slow cooked cabbage with equally secret spices from a great cook I'm going to have to seek out at the Pan African Market- just looking at that picture, I know my description is lacking.

Then it was the charming son's turn to entertain, he had us on our feet for the rest of the night- he can read a crowd with gypsy like accuracy.

A Speech and birthday candles, hugs and kisses- great food and the perfect bar counter, disco dancing and much laughter, a friend that was missed.... memories.

Joyeux anniversaire notre ami.......Je suis désolé pour le 'makreel' erreur!

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