Friday, 7 October 2011

Putt-putt, vaudeville and fat juicy steaks on hot coals

It was the last day- sun shining, kids out of school early we chose Putt-putt in Green Point, on a day like that the Atlantic strip shines, crisp air, sparkling waves- not easy to forget.

Vaudeville supper club at the Fez for something a little different, their old acts have gone (poached by the Tent of dreams?)  but I loved the lady above, quite a voice on her.

Their new a la carte menu a great improvement, the burgers were real and the chips- double fried to perfection.

Last lunch? ........only one thing for it, fat juicy steaks on hot coals in the garden, crispy roasted potatoes and a freshly picked salad.

The elephant in the room? Those bags on the lawn.

What does it feel like? Remember dropping off  your little one for their first day of nursery school -
well double that .........and there's no picking up for a very long time.

What's her beau like? He stole our hearts- no easy task...four very different hearts- all stolen.

Hurry back young ones, when you're here with us the sun shines brighter.


  1. Ag shame, Karen - you make me sad. My poor mom has lived with that elephant in the room for so long, now. A beautiful day, a delicious end. And she will be back.

    (Um...are those guinea pigs on the lawn?)

  2. See,it's ALWAYS better at your house.

    xo Jane

  3. Thanks guys! We're in mourning still this side- will be a long time before they can visit again.

    Those are indeed the curious little pigs- I had to distract them from the luggage with some bread....I had visions of the kids being stopped at customs for smuggling guinea pigs!


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