Friday, 21 October 2011

Casa Labia Muizenberg

 After making thousands of canapes everyday for a solid week, my sanity was shaky at best- I was in desperate need of an outing.

I hosed myself down, yes.... I actually smell like food, people get hungry when I waft past them.

I closed the door on my very own ground zero, no I won't show you a picture- just try and imagine the kind of devastation in my workplace, a picture would shock even the messiest of my dear readers.

And so I found myself in Muizenberg, the gentle sea at my back, climbing the sweeping stairs and stepping into the elegance of Casa Labia- I knew it then...... a pack of wild wolves would be needed to drag me home again.

The occasion was the opening of Cheryl's Kalk Bay Modern gallery's exhibition hosted by Casa Labia Galleria, a beautiful exhibition 'Art on paper' displaying works by 55 South African artists.

Most of the art was displayed upstairs in spacious rooms with exquisite pressed ceilings, the rooms opened onto a balcony built for flowing ballgowns and champagne parties.

I left reluctantly, no wolves, only the art teacher gently reminding me I had the weekend free, and although home would never be as grand, elegant or pristine, it was definitely salvageable.


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