Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Luscious little locquats

Ripe, plump and ready to be plucked- the birds in their kindness, left a few untouched.

A long time ago, with time to spare, we made delicious locquat day again.

In the meantime, marinated Pork neck chops were on the braai, broccoli had been plucked from the garden and I was thinking Locquat salsa.

Peeled chopped locquats, red onions, green peppers, splash of balsamic, olive oil, one of my small orange chillis, mint, coriander and parsley.

Added some strawberries as an afterthought as the salsa was a little on the hot side, cooled it down, adding some pretty colour and sweetness.

Next time, I think some pineapple in the salsa?

Our broccoli harvest- not big, but delicious


  1. oh that broccoli! beautiful photo.

  2. How delicious.

    I have not eaten a good locquat since 19voertsek, off Mrs du Toit's tree on Paul Roux Street, Bloemies.

  3. As beautiful as that painting is, I just had to come back and gaze at the equally beautiful locquats.

    xo Jane


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