Tuesday, 10 July 2012

a week of celebrations

You'll be forgiven for wondering if the big baboon took us, it's been a week of warm birthday celebrations on cold winter nights- I'll start at the beginning with my mother's birthday dinner hosted by my clever sister.

Yep, that splendid looking cake tasted as good as it looked, creamy and rich, red velvet. I don't want to make you jealous, but my sister's boyfriend is a chef and these things are common place in their home.

We arrived just before dusk and had the pleasure of wandering into the garden to pick the evenings broccoli- I'm not even going to comment on the size of my sisters tomato plant- that technically shouldn't even be growing, never mind bending under the weight of its fruit...ours are still thumb high!

A beautiful table, champagne to toast, brunschetta with roasted peppers to start, creamy baby marrow soup with a surprise pasta pocket, then onto slow roasted lamb shanks - how did we still manage the cake?....lets just say the women of our family have a healthy capacity for food.

Someone waiting patiently and expectantly for those bones...

Thank you sister, we had a wonderful evening....

Now please come on over to our garden and touch it with your green fingers!


  1. No place setting for Mr. Baboon? LOL

  2. The entire meal looks delish, ok I'm jealous that he's a chef, humpf! I see she's growing a lot more than tomatoes, the bones are bigger than that little guy.


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